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              SYZYGY COMPANY

“Where it all Began," in 1969 the original

Syzygy Co.  was started and became the

world’s first video arcade company.  From

this same pioneering spirit of engineering

we have become the new SYZYGY and with

a roadmap for innovative engineering and a

fresh new approach to bringing out products

that fill the voids of need by gamers.  We will

also be looking into other avenues such as

telecom and home control and management

technologies as well.


Founded in 2001.  We started business in media conversion, working with Fortune 500 companies and restoring and retrieving data from various media types including legacy data storage, some of which was restored from tape which had hitherto been thought as damaged beyond repair.  Our expertise in this area has been critical in restoring valuable data which has enabled our clients to re-evaluate lost properties and patent information.

We have grown and diversified into the field of electronics, primarily for the consumer market.  With our knowledge and advice we are able to consult on products from birth to full commercial production, from VLSI to final tooling.

If you have a project, large or small, please don't hesitate to contact us today.


SYZYGY COMPANY LLC, 117 Duke Drive, Carmel, NY 10512, USA